is a partner in knowledge and installation of LED illumination for sports facilities. With our experience in making illumination reports and business cases we advise sports facilities on the possibilities of replacing excisting conventional lighting for LED luminaires. This can be done outdoors and indoors for all kinds of sports centres and sports fields.

We are exclusive partner of Lumosa BV. Lumosa is a Dutch high-tech company specialized in led lighting, founded in 2006. Lumosa is building a high-quality company, with innovation as top priority. Lumosa is developing market and distribute tailor-made led products for different market segments, including sports lighting, indoor (sports) lighting, (industrial) outdoor lighting and street lighting for public space.

The illumination of playing fields is by far the largest consumer of energy and the most important expenditure for most sports clubs. Conventional lighting consumes significantly more energy compared to modern led lighting, this can be up to 65%! In addition, led sports lighting can offer a myriad of benefits. Where traditional lighting displays yellow and uneven lighting, led lighting can display fine bright white light on the entire field at a uniform intensity. This closely resembles natural daylight, making it easier to observe colors and movements, which in turn significantly enhances the gameplay.

Benefits for your sports club:

Greatly reduced energy consumption (up to 70%)
Save costs on maintenance
White, bright and even illumination
Adjustable light levels using dimmers
Lamps are directly on full brightness
Minimal light nuisance for local residents
Easy to operate via PC, tablet or smartphone


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